Day Pass

Stop wondering if you want to? Take a cruise on a bike. Go out surfing. Relax on the beach. Go bodyboarding. Ride a skateboard. In-line skate the boardwalk.

Rent for the Beach, Boardwalk, & Bay all in one day!

All day pass includes day use of Bicycles, Surfboards, Skateboards, In-line Skates, Bodyboards, Beach Chairs, Umbrellas and more!
For only $40, you can have unlimited access for one person to all rental equipment. Restricted use of one activity at a time (surf, bikes, skate, beach.)

Some Restrictions may apply. Excludes the use of Stand-Up Paddle Boards.

You can check out gear for any one activity at a time, and then bring it back to try another activity when you’re ready. Enjoy bicycling, surfing, skating, and in-line skating- all at one low cost!

Max 3 activities per day. *Wetsuites are included with water activities if requested.

Contact us to learn more details!

*not available in the months of March, June, July and August

*some restrictions may apply (not valid on holidays)