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Do you have a rental property or own a local business?

We offer special discounts to our referral partners and maintenance programs to those who already offer equipment. For those who just want to share a link for a link, we are happy to do just that. If you are interested in doing a little more we have options for you to pick from.

Referral Options


This option is great for local stores or restaurants. Plan is simple, you share we share!

  • Friendly Links

    We can add you into our friendly links page with a button, link, or even your logo in the featured section.

  • Referral Program

    Send people our way and we can set up a promo code for them to receive a discount. In return we will send over some of our seasonal passes with coupons for you to keep or pass along.

  • In-Store

    We can trade promotional media for customers to have.

    Business Cards, Flyers, Rack Cards, Stickers, Maps, or just anything else.


This option is great for vacation rentals properties. Get all the benefits of the Basic Plan, plus give your customers direct discounts and access to our equipment rentals.

  • Repair Program

    If you have your own equipment we can maintain it for you. We give you a set of stickers to place on you equipment so you customers can find us if there ever is a issue.

  • Reservation Discounts

    Add us as option when your costumers book your services online with a call-to-action button or specialized promo code, so they can receive 20% off their reservation.

  • Advertisment

    Along with our Friendly Links Page, we can run banners ads of your choosing on our partner websites.


Belmont Rentals Logo


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Online Store Link: https://missionbeachsurfrentals.com/oak/

San Diego Bike Rentals: http://sandiegobikerentals.com/

i-Go Robot San Diego: http://i-gorobotsandiego.com/

Hover Board Rentals: http://hoverboard-rentals.com/

Interested in being added to our Friendly Links Page or our repair program?

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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